Saturday, February 13

Do the Birds Still Sing in Hell?

Horace Greasley. Remember that name. A POW during World War II, he had quite a story to tell of his imprisonment. And his erstwhile activities.

I only read of his exploits this morning, and wanted to paraphrase the account, but cannot do the story justice. So I'll just use the description from Amazon; you can get the book he wrote to the right.

"Do The Birds Still Sing In Hell? is an incredible tale of one man's defiance, of adversity and the lengths he was prepared to go to for brief, passion-filled moments, each time under a death sentence. This is the story of a young man's outlawed obsession for the girl he loved, of man's most natural craving and of his determination to defeat her Fatherland. This story is about good over evil, how love can blossom in the most impossible of situations. It is a story about desire and hope but above all it is a story of heroism."

Also, an awesome article about Horace at the Telegraph's UK website.

Horace died on February 4th.

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