Sunday, February 14

Ethics in Social Media?

Does it exist?

OK, so I may have done something a bit underhanded just now. And with all my luck, it'll come back to haunt me.

As a variation on a theme, I just made another comment on the poor name choice for Apple's new toy tool:

Is an iPad a Maxi-pod?

Yeah, I can't help myself.

Anyway, no sooner had I posted that on Twitter than I had a retweet from @ipadtweet, repeating my comment. Likely having picked up on my iPad comment.

So I decided to test my theory by tweeting the following:

"Ethical? Is exploitation of an automaton a viable tactic to increase the visibility of your content? Example: iPad - "

[The link is back to bob's bs.]

Will this provide new linkage to my blog? Dunno.

Watch this space for an update.

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