Thursday, February 25

Ethics in Utah Politics?

No way!

Yes, way.

Interesting article in the Deseret News today - this is a good one, no bs involved.

Has to do with a requirement of legislators and lobbyists that they take an online test of ethics. Imagine that. Did Buttars take it? The article points out that a majority of the body has not only not taken the test, but that there even is a test.

Anyway, while it's a requirement for legislators and their ilk, the general public (that's you and me) can also take the test. Legislative Ethics Training is produced by the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel.

Bonus: If you navigate to the test via the instructions provided by the Deseret News is this choice "Chose Wisely" entry (graphic at right).

This from the Department of Redundancy Department.

[Additional protip: If you're using a netbook, you may have to go full-screen to see the navigational buttons in the tests.]

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