Thursday, February 4

Illness Squared

Whether it's a really bad cold or a mild flu, I don't know. But Marilee and I both have it.

That bit of too much information was confirmed today when we both acknowledged that we both are having, uh, intestinal troubles. And as far as the primary conditions, there's the congestion, headache, stuffed ears, scratchy throat, body aches. I felt so crappy and fatigued this morning - again - that I was off to the Instacare.

And, pray tell, where did this lovely condition come from? One obvious conclusion could be that we both got back from a visit to the Golden State with a brief stopover in the Silver State.

And since we did spend substantial time in a hospital last week with my Aunt Mary Lou, who knows what we may have picked up.

1 comment:

Crackerjack said...

Doh! I hope you guys feel better, I'm not coming for a while :)

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