Monday, February 15

Who in Their Right Mind...

Oh, wait, maybe that's the point.

Was home for lunch last week, and heard it waaaay before I saw it. Engine revving at an unheard of rate, you'd have expected the thing to be going 88 miles an hour. But not.

Speeding by at top speed of five miles an hour was a neighbor's recently-acquired Ford Falcon. I wouldn't be surprised that the seller paid them to take it off their hands. Visually, the car is quite a stunner. Nary a dent or scratch. But under the bonnet, I dare not even imagine what it looks like.

In an earlier time, the following would be a joy to have in your driveway:

Even parked on the street it'd be a joy. But since the neighbor allows it to be in the garage, it boggles the mind that that old of a car probably has no catalytic converter, let alone any sort of carbon monoxide reduction.

[I'll take a moment here to say I wish no ill will on any of my neighbors. Even the new owners of this classic.]


This evening, the wife and I were watching TV, when she exclaimed "What's THAT?"

"Sounds like a car", even before she turned the volume down.

"Don't they know they're gassing the whole neighborhood?"

With that, I pretty much knew what the source was. And I was right. For there, a door or two down, was the infamous Falcon. Inching its way into the garage. At RPM's worthy of a Delorean going back in time.

1 comment:

Rachelle said...

Yes, I know that sound. It's called "Street Stock" and they're just waiting for Friday night out at RMR...

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