Saturday, March 13

The Dusty Sploosh

Birds just do not get the concept of “glass.”

So says a recent article in Mother Nature News. It says up to a billion birds are killed annually in the United States due to birds flying into windows of homes and businesses. That's a major statistic.

Still, there are those who say that windows aren't birds greatest enemies, rather, cats of the feral and outdoor house variety are birds' greatest fear, on the order of hundreds-of-millions.

Now, wait a minute. If that statistic is to be believed, that's almost TWO BILLION birds killed annually. Maybe there's more to this story.

After sending the link to that Mother Nature News story to a good friend who has seen her share of negative press about ferals and outdoor house cats, she wrote back with this choice piece of evidence:

"A couple weeks ago I saw a serious collection of feathers by the back laundry room door - outside. Was sad that my new feral had apparently reverted to his ways. But then I was talking with a friend and doing laundry on Saturday - and saw the dusty sploosh of where the bird had hit the window. Sad indeed, but at least the cats were only opportunistic, not homicidal..."


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