Thursday, March 4

Is it Time to Hang Up the Snow Jacket?

[I'm gonna get comments about this one.]

Traditionally, the Eubank's on KSL have always worn a "snow jacket" on the evening news whenever a snowstorm is forecast.

Now, this isn't a down-filled, puffy, water-resistant parka, no, this is a white suit jacket. In the past, Mark Eubank would wear it; since his son, Kevin Eubank, is now the primary weatherman on KSL, the torch has passed to him. And the tradition.

But this winter, we haven't seen the jacket all that much. It still gets cold at night, but all the snow here in the valley is all gone. And while today's rain did on occasion turn a bit icy, there was no snow to speak of. And the snow coat? Yeah, it was out, but we've come to expect a sloshy day when we see it.

Not this time.

Maybe it's time to hang up the jacket, Kevin.

At least there's that Jay Leno gig to think about.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

4 inches of snow on the ground this morning...appears you jumped the gun. For years, I've been referring to "Eubank" as "Snowbank". Go ahead, call me a "smart a**".

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