Wednesday, March 31

Utah Weather Patterns

Time was, when I lived in California, you just knew when the weather was turning bad when the seagulls would come inland. Here's it's all inland, so the seagull predictor doesn't work quite right.

Yeah, we have THE inland ocean, and there's some arcane story about crickets I won't bore you with.

Yesterday, I was in Vernal, and at one point, the weather was quite balmy. Since the calendar does say it's Spring, that would work. But that was before a storm front came through, and was with me all the way back to the Salt Lake valley.

The weather here makes one at a loss for words. An article in Monday's Deseret News (oh no, here we go again) spoke of the difficulties of weather reportage here and the need for discussion on climate change - specifically that of global warming. Hard to talk about that, short-term anyway, when the wind chill is in the low teens.

Anyway, it makes for some interesting discussions, particularly now, since I work out-of-doors on a regular basis, working on [expletive deleted]'s in the cold and rain.

And snow.

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