Sunday, April 11

Some Things You Just Don't Talk About

Because those are the rules. Essentially unwritten.

But in the last week, whilst on vacation, I became a paying member of Fark.

Yes, folks, that free "news aggregator" - but so much more - that I've posted Photoshop contest entries from, has a pay service.

What exactly does one get for the privilege? For one thing, instead of getting twenty-some-odd "news" stories a day, you get to see the other 95% user-submitted links. Yes, only five percent of the links on are available for the non-paying public. "Liters" as we call them.

And about those Photoshop contests? As a paying member, I get to see the 'O'riginal's for the contests before the rest of you. So I get to work on my entries a week or so before they go live to the main page. So much more satisfying to work on an entry without haste. Just a whole lot of fun.

Adjectives include total and ultra. Ask me some time what those particular words really mean in the world of Fark.

It's not news - it's!

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