Thursday, May 27

About Perspective and Scale

My days in California are coming to a close soon - I'm leaving Saturday morning. In the time I've been here, I've come to appreciate size and quantity. The quantity of miles traveled a la "It didn't look that far on a map" and size in regards to just how damn big the Golden Gate Bridge is.

Perspective works well in that analogy:

The photo above was taken from "Vista Point" on the northern side of the bridge. Since the center span is 4,200 feet in length, that means from where the utility truck is in the northbound lane to the center - basically where vehicles disappear over to the other end - is about 2,100 feet. Perspective at work. And the towers tower above the roadway at five-hundred feet.

Scale? You really can't get a handle on the size of this area until you see Vista Point from another vantage point:

The above photo was taken from the same hill overlooking the bridge from last Monday and Tuesday.

I'm hoping for a few more photos of the bridge Friday afternoon after class lets out, this time without the towers in shadow!

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