Wednesday, May 26

The Fourth Meal

This is NOT an ad for Taco Bell.

As you'll recall, last weekend, a classmate and I went to Pier 39, a tourist trap entertainment area in San Francisco. I got in some serious people watching, though the shopping was ├╝ber neat.

Since we left the hotel before lunch, by the time we'd found a place to park and having to walk as far as we did, we were getting rather hungry, so we had lunch at one of the seafood-rich eateries there, at the Pier Market Seafood Restaurant.

Though there were other places to eat on the pier, this particular restaurant had the most decadent aromas coming from an open mesquite grill. Yum yum yummy.

And the clam chowder? Not being a connoisseur by any stretch, I do like my Pismo Beach clam chowder, and since this place was just up the road apiece from Pismo, I figured why not.

Don't miss it.

After gorging ourselves on the treats at Pier Market, and having bought the farm and then some while shopping, it was time to depart.

OK, so I haven't lived in California for some twenty-five years, and I realize some customs have likely changed in my absence. But for some reason, California has an additional daily meal I was not aware of; we only have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Utah. Why, then, is California so special that the fourth meal is called...

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Unknown said...

The 4th meal in the US Navy is called "midrats"...short for midnight rations. Sounds about as appetizing as "sourdough".

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