Monday, May 31

The Remote Was All Mine

Over the last two weeks, I was in complete control. OF THE REMOTE.

Total, complete bliss.

No TiVo in sight. At least the selections were better; I even had free HBO. Movies from dusk to dawn. If only I could stay up late, that is.


Late one night, just before turning in, I was only half listening to the TV when a commercial came on for the new 2011 Ford Fiesta. I only caught the last twenty seconds of the 30-second commercial - it was kind of funny, with some neat graphics, and, during those fleeting moments, wondered why the commercial had caught my attention in the first place.

"Had I just heard what I thought I heard?" and "...did I just hear the name 'Jill'?"

Nah. Surely not...

The more I thought about it in the ensuing minutes, hours, and days, I know I just HAD to find that commercial.

Well, dear readers, Jill IS in that commercial, though not as I had hoped. Then again, maybe it was made the way it was just for that reason:

Makes me wonder - does anyone else call their GPS Jill?

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