Friday, May 21

RJ-45 vs. RJ-11

OK, folks, you know I'm a geek. Nerd. Whatever. Yes, I know the difference between the two connectors listed in the title of this post.


Here in the hotel room, there's an RJ-45 cable coming out of the wall. Real, live, 10-Base-T ethernet, though I'm beginning to wonder.

With it being so... damn... slow... I'm beginning to think the speed is somewhere closer to an RJ-11 cable.

Yes, like a friggin' dial-up line.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Your title caught my attention as I was scrolling through my dashboard. No one outside my immediate circle of friends/coworkers would know the difference between these two jacks. I'm sorry you're dealing with painfully slow speeds. boo hiss

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