Monday, May 17

School Daze

Had I mentioned I drove to California? Don't think so, but I did.

750 Miles, give or take, and other than a couple pit stops at rest areas along the way, I drove straight through.

Eleven hours.

That's a long drive. And a long time to sit in one position. And while the Silverado is rather comfy compared to the Rodeo, it isn't ideal, considering my spine is actually straight. Not the classic curve as most folks', but straight as an arrow. That presents a problem. So although my back wasn't hurting yesterday, it is now.

Oh my gawd my back hurts.

No, I did NOT try to pick up a [expletive deleted] all by myself (I know that's what you were thinking). We've been told that we need two people to pick up and transport one of those, considering it weighs ninety-seven pounds. No, I was only transporting the [expletive deleted], roughly a ten pound module. Not heavy by any stretch, but it was likely the angle I picked it up at.

KEERANGGGGGG. That's the only thought I had at that moment. Because that was the feeling that shot from my lower back to my brain.

Thankfully it was later in the afternoon and my teammate and I had already re-assembled our module. And it worked.

So after a trip to the overstocked first-aid kit nearby, I gobbled up some ibuprofen and was good to go, if only for a couple hours.

I just got back from an oh-so-painful shopping trip to pick up a few things, including some thermal heat wraps. I probably looked like an elderly 53-year-old with a bad back. Which, in my current state of mind (and body) isn't too hard.

By the way...

While we're on that subject, it's time for a much-anticipated bob's bs pet peeve:

EVERY TIME I have had a back issue, upon going to a drug store or mega-supermarket, I have noticed a really bad joke perpetuated by the drug community. Over-the-counter or otherwise.

And it is this:


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