Monday, June 14

Green Points?

THIS is for all you old-timers out there, and I'm sure there are plenty of you.

My Mom - and your Mom, I'm sure - collected them religiously. Maybe, just maybe, there are some of these in some long-forgotten junk drawer in your kitchen, but more likely in your parents' junk drawer.

What are they?

S&H Green Stamps.

And here's the shocker, gang: They're still around!

So they're now referred to as Green Points. But you can still cash in your old stamps. And for that next trivia night - S&H are the initials for Sperry and Hutchinson.

The kicker I suppose is that they weren't really all that economical, considering how much you'd have to spend to get the stamps.

$1200 in purchases for a ten-dollar gift card.

Such a deal!

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