Friday, July 2

What A Pain In The Neck

Ever since my spine surgery of a year ago, Marilee (my wife)1 has always been concerned that I not sleep crooked, lest my neck start hurting. That's not at issue - it's what happens TO my neck that makes some other extremity hurt. If you've never experienced the pain that comes not from one location (an arm) but that the injury is from somewhere else (the neck), well, you really have to be there. But I wouldn't wish this sort of pain to anyone.

Yesterday, I posted that the only issue I'd had was numbness in my fingers if I slept crooked. And that I just KNEW that the numbness wasn't going away.

Well, the numbness is still there, but with an added bit to the mix...

The pain's back. Not like before, thankfully, but sharp little jabs into my left hand's knuckles radiating out to the fingertips.

Meds? OTC pain meds are of no use in cases like this - those kinds of pain killers are only good for constant pain. Pains that come and go require more overall meds. And I'm inclined, this time, to not take them until it starts affecting my job.

Last year, before my surgery, the pain went on for FIVE WEEKS before Doc Peterson's scalpel touched my skin. The final two weeks I was unable to do "that which I get paid for" as the meds through that period were making me dizzy, and thus a danger to myself and other drivers on the road. Not that that's much different than driving normally on Utah roads, but still.

The advantage this time is that I have some foresight as to what the next two weeks MAY be like as I wait for the appointment with Doc Peterson. NO meds until I cannot stand it any more.

And the light at the end of the tunnel?

Can't see it yet.

1 Mia's the dog, Fo4!

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