Friday, October 8


The word "mirth" came up in conversation today, in regards to someone's expression. And it wasn't I who said the word.

Don't get me wrong, mirth is a great word. Mirth conjures merriment, but doesn't necessarily work in common, every day conversation. Mirth fits a place where any other word just wouldn't work.

Consider telling someone once a year "Mirthy Birthday". Then again...

Anyway, to me, "mirth" brings to mind a court jester of olde. Like this:

Then come jesters, musicians and trained dwarfs,
And singing girls from the land of Ti-ti,
To delight the ear and eye
And bring mirth to the mind.
—Sima Xiangru (ca. 179-117 B.C.), Rhapsody on the Shanglin Park

Sometimes the words just write themselves.

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