Tuesday, November 2

Am I That Predictable?

Morning Tuesday. I've just been out in the back yard throwing the "Circular Flying Device" (not a Frisbee®, but a look-a-like from PETsMART) for Mia.

Mia lives for these ® things.

That, and sticks. I'm sure she'd carry around a tree, if I could throw one.

But what got me wondering if I was predictable was that I'd just poured myself a cup of coffee, and was about to get up and go outside, when...

Yeah, I haven't posted much, if at all, recently. A fact that was made all too clear the other day when I posted a new high score in Three Towers Solitaire on Facebook. Someone commented on that post, saying:

"Pffft…now we know why there are no blog updates..."

Whack, right in the face. Thanks, PCJ.

Anyway, back to Mia.

Both she and Bowser were napping. Eyes closed. Guess the tinkling of the pot off the hotplate aroused her. Or the action of just getting up. I could see the thought bubble above her head - "Frisbee? Frisbee? Frisbee?"

Sorry - "®? ®? ®?"

"Yeah, come on."

And off we went.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So that explains alot BG.

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