Sunday, November 28

Apollo 18?

Yeah, this'll get at least one reader's attention.

Off looking for cool pictures this morning, and happened onto a film site with unprotected directories. Unprotected in the sense that they're using an older version of WordPress software that has a - well, let's call it a bug. Bug in the sense that it's an undocumented "feature".

Ask me how you, too, can find this "feature".


One such picture on that film site is a poster for a movie I hadn't heard ANYTHING about, but it's supposed to premeire on March 4, 2011. Called "Apollo 18", the only thing that can be said about it - apparently - is from the tagline:

"There's A Reason We've Never Gone Back To The Moon"

The film's website - - isn't much help, and IMDB's site isn't, either. Under tight wraps, I suppose.

VERY tight wraps - not even an actor or director listed.

Maybe someone who's into nuking ET can find out more about this:


Unknown said...

I'm not into "nuking" ET, but I'll do. The movie appears to be more "BS" than "brilliant"...standby for more.

Unknown said...

As promised, here is my full answer.
It required yet another blog entry to answer:

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