Friday, November 19


Another Fark Photoshop, but this time it's "personal".

I submitted this as a Fark link, and it was posted as a main page entry - otherwise known as a "greenlight". My first one in that category. Quite an achievement, since there are literally thousands of submitted links that never get "that far".

Here's the original I found, after some late-night browsing for pictures - Photoshop this leap of faith:

I didn't post my entry right away - I wanted to see what others might do with it before I found "inspiration".

My inspiration was a typical Saturday-morning of my youth - Wile E. Coyote and the RoadRunner: here's the ├╝ber-cool nature of this particular entry - not only was this a green-lit post, but it was also a winner!

Yeah, watch out - it's gone to my head!

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