Saturday, November 27

Maybe Her Name Was Cookie

Saturday Morning. Pure bedlam in the house. Mia and Bowser have already been out, as had Bambi and Lexie. But Mia and Bowser are in that state of mind that it's time to go outside again. No way.

If "going outside" gets them riled, one thing that really gets everyone in a tizzy, though, is to just say the word "cookie".

So we're watching HGTV - not intently, I suppose - when one of the designers is enlisted to make cookies. Cookies? We've had cookie fixin's on the counter for the last couple of weeks, and I say "Cookies?" in a little-boy voice. Marilee turns to me and in a stern voice says "No cookies."

Lexie's ears perk up.

Says Marilee "Maybe her name was Cookie!"


Well, that was a smart thing to say.

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