Sunday, November 21


It's Sunday. Not just any Sunday It's the day of the last race in the NASCAR world, and the family is all abuzz with the hopes that Jimmie Johnson will have a five-peat.

It's also the day after the first MAJOR snowstorm of the season. There was at least a foot of snow on the ground this morning, and more is forecast. One of our trees did not fare at all well; we're counting the number of branches broken, not quite in the teens, but rather close, particularly if you include the branches in neighbors' yards.

but the more telling measurement was Bowser's first weigh-in.

OK, so it wasn't official, at least from a high-end veterinary scale. Nay, it was a bathroom scale in the dining room. Don't ask.

I'd just picked up Bowser, and Marilee's reaction was "You're gonna hurt your back!!"

I didn't do that, but it was then that Marilee grabbed the aforementioned scale. My weight was measured, then up I picked Bowser once again. The stats came up as follows: Bowser, 65 lbs. Then Mia at 55 lbs, Bambi at 15 lbs, and Lexie at a paltry 9 lbs.

Me? 227.

At the beginning of the race, Jimmie was just fifteen points behind Denny Hamlin. Though the tree is regaining some flexibility, there's still leaves to fall and likely a few more branches.

And another storm or three with expected snowfall in inches if not feet.

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