Monday, December 13

Back To Reality


After a none-too-eventful flight back to Salt Lake City, there's only one thing I have to say about the TSA experience in Oakland.

Freaked out.

Random events being what they are, it's that randomness that has me most concerned. You can't plan for them. But should that randomness be taken advantage of, that's the time you freak out.

OK, so I'm not a terrorist. I don't carry nail-clippers or box cutters. But I could have. And in this freak accident, I could have made it all the way onto the plane and no-one would have been the wiser.

Standing in line for the scanner, something broke down. Whether it was the x-ray machine, or the body scanner, I'll never know. So when everyone was ushered over to an adjacent line, we were NOT groped, NOT scanned, NOT anything. Sure, our carry-ons went through the x-ray machine, but that was it. And, since the body scanners and pat-downs are the current standard, there aren't any metal detectors to go through.

Again, I had nothing to be concerned about, but that started me thinking - how many opportunities actually exist for this sort of thing to happen?

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