Friday, March 25


Marilee had a particularly hideous day yesterday. She was expecting information of a familial nature; positive, she had hoped, only to turn out negative. No, there was no rabbit involved.

She'd called me late in the day with the news; she asked where I was.

"Park City" was my reply.

"Can you stop by the Factory Stores, and go to the Coach store?" Going to the Coach store is somewhat of a drug for her. She needed this "drug" because of her hideous mood.

My reply was immediate, considering the circumstances.

"...and pretend you're me, and see what they have."

I pondered this for a moment, and asked "...had I not been in Park City, what would you have requested me do on my way home?"

"Oh, the same thing."

She asks me to do this same sort of thing whenever I go to Costco for specifics. "And go over to the decorations section," yes, and see what they have. I know Marilee's style, and can explain in her terms, "what they have."

I'm sure the salespeople thought "...Ah, fresh meat. A GUY walking into a Coach store. How much can we 'get him' for?"

Remember, I was just there to "look." But I had ulterior motives. I intended to BUY something, again, considering the circumstances. I picked up a little trinket I was sure Marilee would appreciate, and considering the oh-so-happy salesperson had handed me a 30% off coupon upon entering the store, it made the effort that much more palatable.

The lady that rang up my order chatted me up, hoping to add to my purchase, but I declined as chattily as I could.

Purchase in hand, I was on my way home.

Marilee wanted a treat on my way home, so off to Ream's I was. I reached for my wallet, and... wait for it... realized I'd left my credit card at the Coach store.

Marilee and I had a nice drive to Park City last night.

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Jenn said...

I'm definitely interested to see what you got for her at Coach :) But how crappy you left your card up there! I left my cell phone up at that Ruby Tuesday restaurant one time and Ramin was nice enough to go back and get it for me :)

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