Wednesday, May 4


Driving through Layton, Utah, yesterday - this was one of those rare occasions when I get to go past the iron curtain of 60th South - I was stopped at a signal where, as per usual, my mind was drifting off and noticed a most peculiar sign on a building.

My mind read it in total; as the text, in three-foot-high red letters, was rather run together, I saw the literal-sounding DawDrawPin - DODROPINN.

I was trying to find a location I'd never been to, a storage facility just off the freeway. "Just look for this, turn right at that, and you're there," as I'd been told.

Well, I didn't see this, and drove well past that, and ended up at a completely different that.

So I got on the phone with a co-worker that not only works beyond the iron curtain, but lives near the second that.

"Oh, you drove past this, that, and the other thing."

No sh!t.

SO while I looked for that, I had him on the phone. Conveniently, when I saw the three-foot-high red letters.

"What the hell is DawDrawPin?"


"At the corner of Hwy 193 and Hill Field Road. Behind the Pizza Hut."

Much muttering was heard in my truck when he exclaimed "OH! The Do Drop Inn!"

"But... wait... that should be spelled... Oh."

I'll put that on my bucket list. Something else to "do".

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