Tuesday, January 8

To Bead or Not To Bead

It started out innocently enough. I'd seen a beading/jewelry project that I knew Marilee would really like. Yes, I've spent enough time watching QVC and HSN with her, so I know what she liked. But this little project was different, not so much that I wanted her to make it; no, I WANTED TO MAKE IT FOR HER.

"Create Your Own Snowmen Earrings For The Season!" With only 14 parts for the two earrings, it seemed easy enough. To put together, yes.

I soon learned making the thing was the easy part - finding the bits 'n' pieces was the hard part. Nightmare, even. There's only two round beads for the body, two flat beads for the hat and scarf... but are they FLAT beads, or are they Rondelle beads, or are they discs...

I bailed on the project and just showed Marilee the picture and dropped the subject. But kept the idea in the back of my mind.

The beginning of Winter has come and gone, and so has Christmas. Now in the New Year, it IS still Winter, and plenty of time for snowman making, both jewelry-wise and snow-wise. But why make one which involves cold weather and one that involves staying inside where it's warm?

Anyway... so I kept the idea floating in my mind. I'd mentioned the project to a good friend who makes her own jewelry to sell - her store on Etsy is here - she suggested a few stores to try out, but most weren't local to the Salt Lake Valley.

 I tried looking online for the stuff, but quickly got frustrated. It was gonna have to be a dream.

Marilee had in the past gotten beads for one project or another, so I knew she had it in her to get going on jewelry making. Maybe I'd even be interested in it, to a point.

So the other day on a less-than-successful search for bead stuff on the interwebs, I found there was a store right here in River City. Called Heart Beads Jewelry, they're even in the same time zone.

Marilee and I went there yesterday. Yes, WE.

SO much to choose from. Beads, findings, chains, you name it. But there's a kicker.
They offer free classes in beading stuff.

So when I suggested that WE go together, the folks there asked when we'd like to come for OUR class. "Any day is fine." "How about Thursday?" "That works."

Marilee then says "Should we make it before or after your nap?"

You could hear an eye-pin hit the floor.

Giggles, even a whole-gut laugh was heard.

"After," said I.

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Unknown said...

Gee Bob, I thought you'd given up on blogging too.

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