Wednesday, September 2

Let's see... where was I?

Apparently, there's a blog here with my name on it. And it would appear that I have not done a single damn thing with it for over...


Over a year-and-a-half.

So why the sudden interest in adding a new entry? Let's see... since many of my long-ago posts were (not) about work, let's start with that topic.

I'd been employed in 2011 when I had to go on medical leave for glaucoma. Was off work for a time before finding chainmaille jewelry as a hobby which I hoped would turn into a long-term profession, but found it to be not profitable. Not surprising, since the market is quite flooded with maillers.

Which led to a stint with a senior employment program with the county. Which led to an actual job as an Animal Care Specialist - which unfortunately ended as money ran out for part-time employees. It was back to the senior employment program after only seven weeks.

Then, in March of this year, I found a sweet job with an A/V company. Great benefits, great people, great everything. Until...

Let's just say for now that I'm on short-term disability. Maybe if I get my ass in gear and I can get back in the "keeping my mind busy and update this thing more than every eighteen months" frame of mind, look forward to more entries.

In the meantime, yes, I'm still here.

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