Thursday, February 25

I Don't Know Who Nathan Fillion Is

THIS is Nathan Fillion. I'm not really concerned about who he is. Apparently he's an actor. But this post really isn't about HIM.

For some time, I've been a fan of animated GIFs, ever since Compuserve first created the specification in 1989. One such GIF is from the movie Hancock, played expertly by Will Smith. The GIF in question is of Jason Bateman explaining something to Will Smith's Hancock; not getting the point across, he simply does the following:

But wait a minute. IF you try to find THAT animated GIF using enough keywords relating to Jason Bateman and the movie Hancock, it's nowhere to be found. WTF??

I love the movie Hancock; I'd watched it a bunch of times on cable, and when it left the rotation on whatever cable station it was on, I still wanted to watch it - it took quite a while for it to go to DVD, but when it did, I snatched up a copy.

This morning on Facebook there was an opportune time to use the Jason Bateman GIF. Having recently had to do a full OS reload on my ageing HP laptop, I unfortunately lost a lot of my bookmarked links to online GIFs - as you may well know, Facebook only allows *links* to GIFs; you can't (yet) upload a GIF and have it work. Hell, only yesterday Facebook released its bastardization of the dislike button we've all wanted forever. Upload a GIF? In your dreams.


So I couldn't find a link to the damn GIF. As luck would have it, though, for some reason I'd downloaded a copy of the GIF to my hard drive - THAT was recoverable from the backup before the OS reload. Still couldn't find it via a file search, so ended up poring over all the GIFs on the drive. And there it was... with a weird-ass filename of "reaction gif firefly funny lol wtf meme trolled.gif".


Yeah... you guesses it. "Nathan Fillion Firefly" finds the damn thing at


I distinctly remember that scene from Hancock.

But wait, there's more. Maybe it's a case of mistaken identity. The two actors - Bateman and Fillion -  do resemble one another. My bad?

I'm watching Hancock yet again. More on this later, I'm sure.

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Ennuipoet said...

It get's worse, because this GIF is NOT from Firefly but from Castle, a completely separate show all together. (Crowd: "It's a Completely Separate Show")

(There were to anigifs here which did not work because HTML is not enabled)

If it helps, however, I was equally sure I knew this EXACT scene in Firefly, could even tell you the conversation only to find out: It Never Happened.

My only explanation is the Mandela Effect.

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