Wednesday, March 2

Why Mitt Romney Is Speaking At The University of Utah

I figured out why Mitt Romney is speaking at the University of Utah tomorrow morning (3/3/16). Is he going to endorse a candidate? Not likely. Is he going to enter the race? Close sources say no.

The Salt Lake Tribune said "Insiders say Romney, who is no fan of Trump, will have something surprising to say."

What then will he say, and why here in Salt Lake City?

OK, I'm going out on a limb here. And this will (likely) be the last time I comment on the whole process because I'm tiring of the whole circus act.

I've lived in Utah now for thirty years, I've seen what partisan politics can do to the well-being of folks who aren't of the dominant political party and of the dominant religion (there, I said it).

Utah always votes Republican. NO MATTER WHAT. But this election cycle is different. Way different. And it has a certain demographic scared shitless. And, for all intents and purposes, they cannot say anything about it. But Mitt Romney can.

He's going to suggest that the people of the Great State of Utah parts ways with tradition and not vote straight Republican. And definitely not for Trump. Anyone but Trump.

Mark my words - you heard it here first.

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