Saturday, May 31

Circles and Clusters

This is only partially about work. First off, though...

Hey, Idaho! Would it be too much trouble to put numbers on your street signs? Heaven forbid that someone from out of state would need to determine whether you were going up or down in numeric order. Hmm?

Another thing - how's about putting airport signs up on other signs rather than on just the interstates? There's cute little airplane signs on I-84 and I-184, but nowhere else.

And what's the deal with State Street going east-west? Sure, here in Utah, Center Street in every podunk town can be either east-west or north-south, but State is always north-south! How are you supposed to find the seedy...

Naw, that's only a Utah thing.

Got home from Idaho tonight after two-and-a-half poopy days with nothing to do but babysit a server in Boise. And circle- and cluster- variations galore. Nice to know every one thought of every thing that could possibly go worng.

Maybe things will turn around, though. I have ten separate lottery tickets with four different games to play - the Idaho Lottery calls it The Works - along with the one Powerball ticket from the Idaho service call from a couple weeks ago when Marilee and I went up there.

Wouldn't mind calling in rich...


Crackerjack said...

Sounds like you could use a good GPS system

bob's bs said...

Yeah, and since Father's Day is coming up, the hint has already been made. Admittedly, I drove over two-hundred miles on that trip, while really only staying within a 15-mile radius of my hotel.

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