Wednesday, June 4

Zero-emission Exhaustion

Haven't much had reason to write anything since Boise; I've been so drained, physically and emotionally. Work sucks, as it has for two whole months now.

I have a desire to stick with it, that I'll overcome the stress, but on the other hand, this cannot be happening, that someone was asleep at the switch to allow all the BS.

Decided to be proactive yesterday, to alert someone further up the food chain that Boise was having another "situation". I really don't want to go back, at least under the circumstances that existed last week. Jeez, it's already been a week.

Another road trip for today, to Vernal. Gawd, how driving to Vernal sucks. Anyway, it's another one of those "Why?" "Because." "But..." situations.

Next PowerBall drawing is tonight...

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