Monday, May 12

My camera search - the saga continues

I was really heartsick when my Olympus died. Dollar signs began dancing in my head, since the thing was out of warranty. But months later, when I found out that there was an inherent flaw in the camera, that most if not all of your photos would come out with a drippy, purple tinge, I hoped that it would be fixed for free.

Alas, that didn't happen, since mine was not in the proper serial number range for the free fix.

So my trusty Olympus sat, unused, in a drawer. I'd come across it on occasion, looking back fondly on all those photos I'd taken. I'd think "Not yet. It's not time."

Unused for a couple months, I really needed to get another camera, and settled for a Kodak of all things. But it just wasn't the same, even with a couple extra megapixels.

A few months became a year, and still it sat. It's now been 17 months, and it was time. I'd already conceded defeat at getting a dSLR, and though I could have gotten the Canon G9, I'd still really be settling for something I really didn't want. Or need. I wanted my Olympus back!

So I finally called Olympus today to find out how much it was going to cost for the repair. I braced myself for the inevitable...

"Flat rate, $185"

Hmmmm? "Did you say only a hundred-eighty-five dollars?"

"Yes, sir, flat rate"

And so it goes. Shipping it off today. In the meantime, I'll find something else to occupy that space in that drawer.

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