Sunday, May 11

I love Cheerios... with MILK

The truth is out - I love Cheerios. There's just something about the texture that really gets me going. Not that crunchy texture right after the milk has gone in, no, it's that texture just before soggy. There's a grittiness to it. Mixed in with the cold milk, oh, I need my Cheerios RIGHT NOW.

We went to Costco yesterday; Marilee was going to a jewelry party last night and was the designated snack-bringer. We got those Brownie-Bites that are so decadent you can't eat just one (or seven) and fresh strawberries. Yum. And I got Cheerios.

And no milk.

I commented after we got home that we should have gotten milk, since there was less than a gallon left in the refrigerator. Oh well, I'd just get some tomorrow.

This morning, I got that familiar craving for a mega-bowl of those wonderful toroids of reconstituted oats, filled my bowl to overflowing, and reached for the...

Who the hell leaves a tablespoon-sized quantity of milk in a gallon milk jug!?

Crunchy isn't the texture I'm looking for!

Crunchy was the texture of the contents of the leftover Brownie-Bites - someone had left the lid off the container and had consumed a few more than he should have taken. What's more, he arranged the remaining Bites so as to make it look like a full layer.

I resolved myself to having several Bites with my morning coffee, but would have been much happier with milk.

Anyone want a 15-year-old?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cheerios are a lot like alphabet soup, too bad you can only spell one word. I like honey nut cheerios the best, mmmmm, honey nut.....

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