Saturday, May 10

Princess' Follow-Up

"For a grouchy ol' girl, she's doing great!"

Her blood tests came back earlier this week, and other than a bit of elevated liver activity due to her ear infection, everything came out looking normal.

She's been on thyroid meds for some time, and that part of the blood test shows she'll likely be on those forever. But that's a good thing - at least the meds are doing their job.

In other news about Princess, she sheds like crazy twice a year; we've only had her a short time, but realized that we were going to need something to take care of all that hair for Spring. After seeing a recommendation for a product called the Furminator, I picked one up today at Petsmart. A bit spendy at about $60, it honestly looks like any other shedding blade. A quick swipe this afternoon suggests this isn't your run-of-the-mill shedding tool.

Once I get done de-shedding Princess, we'll try it on Sundance. That'll be the big test!

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