Tuesday, May 6

Oh God, no!! NOOO!!!

Didn't do my homework.
Didn't ask the right questions.
Even downloaded the manual beforehand to read up on the damn thing.
Missed one very important non-feature.

"Photographs can not be framed using the monitor."

Wait, all you dSLR devotees - "Didn't you know that?"

No, I did not. Never mind that the box shows a vibrant image on the display sans image data like you see in the manual. Never mind that I've been using digital cameras since 1997, and all those digital cameras allowed that. Jeez! What's the whole damn point of having a huge display on the back of the camera, if not to compose the picture before you take it? Only for review (which, by the way, Nikon refers to as preview) of the image after you take the photo?

I'm pissed. Not because they don't mention it much on the box or in the manual, or anywhere else for that matter - if it doesn't support a feature, do they really need to spell it out anywhere? Does a car manufacturer need to mention that the car doesn't fly?

OK, yes, I know what the mechanics are in the body of a traditional SLR camera. There's a reason why there's a momentary blackout in that traditional viewfinder, when the mirror swings out of the focal plane. But fer chrissakes, this is a digital camera!

It's getting returned tonight. That Canon Powershot G9 is looking better. But not before I read the whole damn manual.

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