Thursday, May 1

Snow - again

Didn't post last night, but not for lack of something to write about.

From about 8:30pm onward, I was pretty much terrified. A service call had come in for Vernal about 6:30pm. After dinner and parts gathering, I didn't get actually ON the freeway until 8:30pm.

Got to the mouth of Parley's around 8:45, then the fun (and the snow) began. Didn't even get to East Canyon before I realized this was a really bad idea. Couldn't see the lines on the road. Confusing the issue, the snow was coming in at an angle that was slightly off-kilter from the direction I was traveling. Made up my mind at the summit that Kimball Junction was as far as I was going.

Pulled off at McDonald's, did all the necessary phone calls, then headed back down. The trip downhill wasn't much better, though I did make it home OK, I wasn't the only one all over the road coming down the canyon. Was in bed by 10:30pm.

Checking Commuterlink this morning confirmed my suspicions; at 6:30am, the PLOWS hadn't yet been up that way, let alone what would have been further on, on Highway 40.

Leaving this morning instead. I'll take the camera - will take some "safe" photos from the road.

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