Friday, May 2

The Vernal Trip

Did the Vernal trip yesterday; there was still snow, but at least I could see where I was going. Left around 8:30am, got up there around noon. My schedule was changed for me upon completion; had a call in Provo to do before heading home.

So, of course, the ideal way to go to Provo from Vernal is to head down Provo Canyon from Heber City. OK, so it has been forever since I've been down Provo Canyon - in fact, I've never been down the canyon, only up it. Last time even in the canyon was, oh, jeez, fifteen years ago.

All I remember from those days was a windy, unkempt, one-ish or two-ish lane highway. All I've ever seen about the construction was that it has always been under construction. Only saw one construction crew; otherwise, OMG... what a joy to drive it!

I generally avoid going to Provo because it is, well, Provo. Why else to go to Provo but for lousy 7-11 coffee. But now...

Oh yeah - yes, I did take pix of the snow, but the very consumer camera I got last year to replace my defective purple-enhanced Olympus C5050 chose to focus on the cracks in the windshield and not the cloudy snow scenes I wanted to shoot. Really miss my Olympus...

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