Sunday, June 29

...and get off my lawn!

A common thread on has to do with old folks telling kids to get off their lawn. Goes along with "You're invading my space", "You're breathing my air", and "Turn the music down". Old folks do that, not Marilee and I.

Awesome fireworks last night. We live in such a location that we don't have to go over to Valley Regional Park to see the fireworks; we can sit on the porch and see them just fine. Taylor, OTOH, went along with a friend to a more suitable vantage point with far more viewing area.

While our view is great, Marilee and I are concerned that after a few more years, we will have to seek a better spot as the trees across the street are growing too high. Or anonymously cut them down.

After the fireworks were over, then began the real show. Just a guess, but there were thousands of people parked in and around the park, several hundred of whom were in the immediate area of our house.

Watching that many cars navigating narrow streets where, even without cars parked along either side, there's no room. Overall, folks were respectable, other than the one carful of kids with their stereo up too loud and one with a kid hanging off the back of a car.

And several people who found it necessary to cut across our grass. Did we complain? Not really, but we both had thought about getting some yellow security tape to put around the perimeter.

Nah, we're not that old.

(All photos in this entry taken with Olympus C5050Z, 400 ISO, f8.0, 2 second exposure. Your mileage may vary.)

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Jenn said...

Those pictures are really awesome! Fireworks are really pretty when looked at that way :)

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