Saturday, June 28


What'zz the deal with all the ZZ's?

Story goes that when the Lakers moved west from Minnesota, the team name stuck, but the Minnesota part was dropped.

Similarly, when the Jazz moved west from New Orleans, the team name came along for the ride, and New Orleans was dropped. Are there any lakes in Los Angeles? Sort of - but they're all man-made. Is there any Jazz in Salt Lake City? Only a basketball team I'm afraid.

Since the days when - literally - there was only one game in town, the Jazz were, and still are, quite an influence on the city and the state. So much so, that every Tom, Dick and Harry's team name has obnoxious combinations of ZZ's.

Does ZZ Top know about this?

Get a load of this: The Starzz, The Grizzlies, The Blitzz, The Freezz - admittedly, some of those teams are now defunct. But still.

And while there's only one 'Z', does the Orem Pacific League baseball team really need to be called the Owlz?

OK, so the Jazz has this influence over other sports teams. That much is certain. So why, then, should there be an influence over a suburb of Salt Lake City called Taylorsville that makes it necessary to call their celebration of the incorporation of that municipality Taylorsville Dayzz?

Anyway, Taylorsville's Celebration is going on right now through Monday - never on Sunday - there were fireworks last night, and will be again tonight (Saturday), so if you're in the area, find a place to park early and join in on the festivitiezz.

(Photos are from Friday Night's Fireworks show)

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