Monday, July 21

Old Man Talk

Last Tuesday, I posted a seemingly peculiar graphic of a hemorrhaging vegetable. Upon showing it to my co-worker Dave, he immediately saw the reference and knew that it had everything to do with work. Showed it to another co-worker and he had no idea. I thought everyone knew about this idiom; apparently not.

I expected to see at least one person comment, but didn't get any - apparently there were far more people who didn't get it.

I figured that would be the end of it until this evening when Chris came over for dinner and yard tending. After some brilliantly stimulating conversation, and finding out he hadn't actually read that particular post, I showed him the graphic.

Blank stare.

"What is that?"

I then explained that one reference has it that when Cain brought an offering of a turnip to God while his brother Abel offered a lamb, that God said "You can't get blood out of a turnip."

The young whippersnapper said:

"That's Old Man Talk."

[I'm not a religious scholar, so if the analogy above offends, deal with it. -Ed]

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