Monday, July 21

Double Petunia

There's a saying / piece of prose / rhyme / poem / whatever - that my California and Nevada family knows by heart. Since I originally heard it from my Dad, and my Aunt Mary Lou knows it, I'm guessing that it is quite old, say the twenties or thirties (that's last century for you youngsters).

If you google the title of this post, you'll find that "Double Petunia" is actually a type of flower. Like a begonia. And thus we begin:

A petunia is a flower like a begonia
A begonia is a meat like a sausage
A sausage and battery is a crime
Monkeys crime trees
Trees a crowd
A rooster crowd and made a noise
A noise is part of your face like an eye
Eye is the opposite of nay
Horses nay, and horses have colts
And if you go to bed at night with a colt and leave the window open, you'll wake up in the morning with Double Petunia!


Melissa said...

I just stumbled on this; my dad used to recite it when I was a kid, and I believe he got it from my Grandfather, who was born in 1916. I had always assumed it was a vaudeville routine or something like that. The version we tell is this:

What happens when you go to bed with a little colt?
You wake up with double petunias!
Double petunias is like begonias.
Begonias and salami make sausage.
Sausage and battery is a crime.
Monkeys crime trees.
Trees a crowd.
The rooster got up in the morning and crowd. Made an awful noise.
Like the eyes and noise on your face.
Eyes is opposite Nays.
Horses nays, and also have little colts.

What happens if you go to bed with a little colt? You wake up with double petunias!

C. Seely Smith said...

Mine comes from my mother's family out of California. Obviously lacking verse from my p9or memory.

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