Thursday, July 24

Valley Newss

No, this isn't a retread of my extra Z's post.

New Hampshire's Valley News actually had a typo on its masthead Monday where it misspelled the newspaper's own name - the print edition, no less. Which to me is peculiar since I'd expect something like that would be inserted in the production process as a graphic. Or as a solid pound of lead. Anyway...

Why is this of note? Because the article I read that reports this major typo is from Great Britain. I haven't a problem with the Brits. This is because it takes a United Kingdom newspaper to observe a typo on a United States newspaper. I'm guessing that the Brits take great joy in reporting on errors in the Colonies. Tender spot?

A quick review does show that there are reports of the flub in this country, particularly at Regret the Error. Take a look.

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