Thursday, August 28

Build a Bridge

So sayeth Diana, my good friend from high school's wife.

That's Jeff, on the left. I hadn't seen or heard from Jeff in quite some time. Measured in years. He and his wife are out to Utah for a family reunion of sorts this week.

A bit of gray, a few more pounds, but still the same Jeff.

Went up to their accommodations in Park City Tuesday night for dinner, prepared by Diana in their room.

It was good to see him after all this time. We reminisced about old times, what the years had done to us. Some moreso than others.

Jeff and I ran around with pretty much the same crowd in high school and thereafter, until I moved from California in 1986. Yes, it has been a good twenty years since we'd seen each other. He had my personal website to remember me by, I just from memories. Then a few weeks ago he found me again through a mutual acquantance. Thanks, Terri!

Another good friend will be happy to see we reconnected - Hi Lori!

Anyway, gotta get off to work this morning... we'll see more of Jeff come December when Marilee and I are off to a vacatrion in California.

Oh, and for you wordies out there - yes, there's a word farther up the page that isn't really a word, but it works in context - "moreso". For those of you who might say I've compounded the error by using it again here...

Get Over It.

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