Friday, August 29

People are the Worst Kind

Something occurred to me Thursday, an epiphany of sorts, of why I don't care to be forced to work on, uh, things that I would rather not work on.

When you work on a PC, or a plotter, or even a coupon printer, there's a human touch involved that's part of the whole process.

What totally took me by surprise was that I realized I can't stand people without People Skills. And if you spend your whole life working on impersonal things, don't expect to be able to communicate at all well with others.

It all boils down to one thing: People are the worst kind.

[Note: This blog post is the first one to exemplify my idea of Old Man Talk. This entry came about partly from an email my cousin sent me - she sent me some examples, one of which was "People are the worst kind", something my uncle used to say. Thus Old Man Talk.]

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