Friday, August 29

Reply to None

The root of the word reply is a Latin verb, replicare. From that root, another word, replication is derived. Isn't it convenient that both reply and replication are involved when electronic forms of communication, known as email, remind us that people are stupid?

I and the majority of my co-workers on a planetary scale were victims of one stupid person who doesn't know why a hoax is a hoax. Hoax has nothing to do with replication as a word, but that's the way it turned out today. In regards to this one email, Microsoft and America Online don't care if you are stupid enough to forward an email. And there's no remuneration involved. They want your money, they don't want to give any of it back.

One person sent this sort of email to everyone in his address book. Which replicated when the next person replied to all. And the next person replicated that. And so on. Ad nauseum.

The chain of stupidity stopped when the original sender "recalled" the email. And I'm sure he didn't do it of his own accord - his immediate supervisor might have threatened something else more immediate.

When one of these emails happens your way, reply to none.

Do us all a favor.

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