Saturday, August 30


Empty your mind. Even if you've tried (and liked) hummus, imagine you're hearing the word for the first time. And if you've tried (and hated) hummus, imagine the above as well.

Would you want to try hummus?

Didn't think so.

The word, in and of itself, doesn't conjure up a tasty treat.

Early on, I never wanted to eat or even think of eating yams. Envision yourself as a little kid, and say yeeeeamms. And don't try side-stepping the issue and saying sweet potatoes. It's a different vegetable, after all. But getting a kid to eat a sweet potato is far easier than yeeeeamms.

Same with yogurt. Now I'm a good many years older, and yogurt isn't so bad. Particularly if it's boysenberry yogurt.

So think of all the foods that you didn't like as a kid but now like as an adult. And what the word sounds like.

Just don't mention haggis.

That doesn't sound good no matter how old you are.

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