Thursday, August 7

Just Because You Can...

...doesn't mean you should.

I admit I'm no fashion plate. Nor am I one to criticize anyone's attire. I'll make comments watching HSN and QVC with Marilee, but keep my mouth shut when appropriate.

I'm not stupid.

I spent the last two days installing 32 coupon printers at a downtown store. Tedious and tiresome come to mind, but as one person I commented to said, "You're getting paid for all that exercise, and it's cheaper than going to the gym."

OK, so maybe there is a silver lining. And the store was air conditioned; I didn't need (or want) to go outside, if only for a part.

So it's summer, and you'd think folks would take a long, hard look at themselves before they go out in this weather. Some look like they burn easily, others not so much, but it became readily apparent that some of these folks never go outside. Or have a usable mirror.

So I'll say this as gently as possible:

Tube tops don't work on every body.


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