Friday, August 8

Teetotaler (n)

Brilliantly stimulating conversation with Dave and Merlin yesterday (Merlin's our new hire to take the load off Dave and I). Got around to that fact that I don't imbibe during the week I'm on call, in case I have an after-hours service call. The Guinness has to wait until Monday.

I knew that Dave partakes of the juice occasionally, but didn't know much about Merlin. And proceeded to ask if he were a teetotaler.

"Yeah, I drink tea."

"No, a teetotaler means..."

I stopped right there. "You've never heard the word teetotaler?"

Suffice to say he never had. Later in the day, I mentioned this to one of our dispatchers, and HE had never heard the word either. Says I "Yeah. I guess there really is "Old Man Talk". Dispatcher: "I was going to say it sounded like an older generation kind of word."

Get off my lawn, dammit!

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