Saturday, August 9

Triple Threat

OK, Jenn, here we go!

Jenn, Marilee's my daughter, has tagged me to come up with three joys, fears, goals, obsessions, and random facts. While I don't mind a challenge, this is interesting, since it delves rather deep in my psyche.

In no particular order:

3 Goals:
Becoming a Professional Photographer.
Finding a job I love. Again.
Having a gi-normous family reunion, getting all the satellite families back together. California, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, and Utah.

3 Joys:
My extended family.
Seeing all the dogs stampeding toward me when I get home from a bad day at work.
My best friend EVER, Marilee.

3 Fears:
When BabyDoll leaves. Expect me to be a miserable wreck for some time afterwards. She is, after all, nineteen years old, and she's been a good friend for eighteen.
Money. No, really.
Being homeless.

3 Obsessions:
Not leaving for work in the morning or before going to bed without kissing Marilee. On the lips.
Photojournalism. I would have said writing and photography, but they're really intertwined.
Not being able to ever delete an email or photograph.

3 Random Facts:
Marilee and I met online, lived within only five miles of each other when we met, and within a city or two when we each lived in California.
I've worked in the electronics and computers field for thirty-two years, even before it was cool.
My family tree goes back to 1512 on my Mother's side.

Chris - tag, you're it. It's bound to be delightful.

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