Monday, August 4

Slam Dunk

Sometimes I wonder if I lived a sheltered childhood. Food-wise, anyway.

For example, I don't ever recall having a grilled cheese sandwich at home. Maybe one or two at a friend's house or in a restaurant, but never at home.

And it was always cookies and milk, not cookies in milk. And I remember macaroni and cheese but couldn't tell you if it was in a blue box.

And here, many years later, even after being a bachelor for so many years, I only recently learned the joy of dunking Chips Ahoy IN milk. Marilee showed me.

And while I didn't remember grilled cheese sandwiches all that much, now that I've learned how to make them, I'm the family grilled cheese sandwich maker.

Who woulda thunk?


Crackerjack said...

Bust out some ketchup and mustard on those grilled cheeses for another delightful surprise, no joke.

bob's bs said...

Delightful? I would have expected bitchin' or awesome. But delightful?

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